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Green Tea Elixir
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Edward H. tried this
all-natural rejuvenation secret on his unsuspecting wife.
It worked!
Like many Americans, Edward’s wife just didn’t have the get up and go she had enjoyed in her younger years. So Edward took matters into his own hands with ...

The secret weapon that helps turn back the clock on aging and gives new life to the drained... pooped... exhausted... frazzled... and just plain worn out!


When Edward H. of Providence, RI noticed that he and his wife were dragging and sagging.
He decided to do something about it. They weren’t about to surrender to a life of flab,
fatigue, and faltering memory. They weren’t going to be easy prey for preventable
“old fogey” diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and shortsightedness. He was going
to fight back with a secret weapon ...

GTE—the world’s #1 rejuvenation secret!

When the little brown bottle came in the mail, Edward followed the directions: “All it takes
is a few drops in your favorite beverage.” So Edward squeezed out half a dropperful into his
cup of tea. The results were almost instantaneous. In Edward’s own words:

The first day on GTE, my
energy was through the
roof! My day was nonstop
from 5 AM ‘til bedtime ...”

Edward was so amazed at his new-found energy that he started plotting to “introduce” his wife to his healthy discovery. For whatever reason, he decided to slip some GTE into his wife’s tea without her knowing it. “I was going to call her while I was working to see if she felt a difference in energy like I did, but waited ‘til I got home thinking to myself, ‘She’ll say she doesn’t feel any different.”


Boy was Edward surprised when he got home!

“Instead she said, ‘Honey, I folded all the clothes, cleaned the house, washed the floor, and I feel great!’ She didn’t even take a break to watch TV that day. She was so busy with all that energy that she forgot! That was our first day with GTE!”

So what exactly is this miraculous GTE?

It’s full name is GREEN TEA ELIXIR™ and it’s a natural supplement scientifically proven to help BOOST energy...
LOWER cholesterol... REDUCE blood thickness... BURN fat... PROTECT against cell damage... and REJUVENATE
your overworked body from head to toe.

As Edward’s story illustrates, it really works. Try it and you, too, will experience a new lease on life—or your
money back! Not quite convinced? Then by all means read the important findings in this magazine and you’ll
soon be a believer in the world’s #1 rejuvenation secret!

Green Tea Elixir
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FACT: The top health complaints worldwide are FATIGUE...

Just like Edward and his wife, you, too, can gain
unstoppable energy when you start your day with

What’s the proven natural remedy used by millions of men and women the world
over to overcome fatigue, mental exhaustion, and stress? A cup of green tea.
Green tea is packed with antioxidants and other phytochemicals that
soothe jangled nerves, combat cell-damaging free radicals, restore
lost energy, and revitalize every inch of your body.

What makes green tea
such a boon to your health?

For over 30 years, Western researchers have
known that the antioxidant value of green
tea protects the body’s cells from free radical damage.
Unlike black tea, green tea is not fermented. It’s made
from leaves that are harvested at their peak of perfection and then
stabilized through exposure to both humid and dry heat — giving green tea
the HIGHEST CONCENTRATION of life-sustaining polyphenols and antioxidant tannins.

The natural miracle of tannins.

Tannins not only contribute to the taste and potency of tea, but more importantly, they are an unstoppable ally in safeguarding your health for many reasons.

First, they bind with dangerous and harmful free radicals that could otherwise cause CELL DAMAGE and warp your DNA.

Second, they act as little sponges and absorb bad cholesterol.

Third, according to researchers at the University of California at San Francisco, tannins have been shown to assist stroke victims recover faster and function better because they help prevent the destruction of neuron cells in the brain.

Fourth, tannins ensure that caffeine is taken to the brain only in small amounts so it can be easily used. This helps green tea drinkers improve their vitality and stamina WITHOUT the ups-and-downs of caffeine laden black tea.

Fifth,tannins inhibit the oxidation of your body’s DNA material, a leading cause of cell destruction and mutation.

But that’s not all! Tannins also help CLEAR urinary tract infections, AID digestion, REDUCE body fat, RELIEVE joint pain, BOOST brain power and much MORE!

Green Tea Elixir
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Want to stay out of your doctor’s office for good?
Get your daily supply of disease-fighting
tannins with GREEN TEA ELIXIR™!

As good as green tea is for you, there’s one problem: You’d have to drink gallons to get the optimum benefits! Not to worry. Now there’s a way to realize the many proven benefits of green tea and then some—thanks to a highly concentrated, proprietary formula made from green tea leaves and ENHANCED with four other natural revitalizers.

GREEN TEA ELIXIR™ contains choice, unfermented green tea leaves that have been carefully picked and preserved to maintain their potency, as well as hibiscus, rose hips, magic fruit and pomegranate. It’s nothing short of a “miracle tonic” from Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet from which you can realize LASTING BENEFITS IMMEDIATELY!

Best of all, just 1/2 dropperful equals the protective power of 20 cups of green tea!

This specially-formulated liquid concentrate, comprised of five super-potent, pure extracts in a naturally sweet, pleasant-tasting formula, will help turbocharge and fortify your system with the same kind of antioxidants that science tells us are the best defense against illness, disease, and cell mutation.

Don't Float Away

Is your life too busy and you don’t have time for a new routine? No problem! There’s no formula to mix ... no schedule to keep ... and no confusing dosages to keep track of. GREEN TEA ELIXIR™ comes in a handy 2-ounce bottle with a dropper that you can take anywhere. Just add 1/2 dropperful to your favorite beverage whenever you feel the need and you’re ready to meet the world head on and LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS.

If you’re ready to tap into the #1 rejuvenation secret used by men and women the world over, then,you’re ready to try GREEN TEA ELIXIR™— risk FREE

With so much robust health and energy to gain (and not a penny to lose if you’re not satisfied) why not place your order today? You and your loved ones will be so glad you did.

Green Tea Elixir
Try Green Tea Elixir Risk Free! Order Now!

Hundreds of studies worldwide support the same unmistakable conclusion:

You've probably heard health professionals (maybe even your own doctor)
praise the potent antioxidant protection of green tea —and with good reason:

  • In a study of 3,380 women over the age of 50, scientists found that
    the women who drank green tea lived longer than those who did not.
  • Researchers in Japan found that people living in the Shizuoka area,
    who drank lots of green tea, had a lower incidence of all types of
    cancer than the Japanese population at large.
  • In 1992, PREVENTIVE MEDICINE reported that men who drank nine
    or more cups of green tea every day saw their cholesterol level drop off.
  • In the 1997 book, THE ARTHRITIS CURE, Dr. Jason Theodosakis wrote
    that bioflavonoids can dramatically reduce the pain and inflammation of
    osteoarthritis—and listed green tea as a prime source.
  • After looking at 6,000 subjects, researchers found that people
    over 40 who consumed green tea slashed their risk of stroke.
  • Scientists found that Japanese children who drank green tea
    had fewer cavities than those who didn't.
  • Japanese men who drank green tea regularly had a lower rate of
    prostate cancer than men who didn't.
  • Green tea works as well as aspirin to thin the blood and prevent blood
    cells from sticking together and causing heart attacks.

Every day, your body is under attack from man-made toxins, pollutants, radiation, poisons, food additives, and chemicals. Without help, your immune system just can’t handle the overload. Prescription drugs only add to the problem because they kill good gut bacteria.

Put a STOP to your body’s destruction today with... GREEN TEA ELIXIR™!

It’s the most concentrated extract of green tea ever formulated and enhanced with four additional antioxidant boosters! Just a 1/2 dropperful in your favorite beverage every day supercharges your immune system with powerful polyphenol protection, naturally.

Lots of stamina!
I feel 30 years

“I have been using the Green Tea Elixir for 2 yrs and I have noticed my health is getting better each year. My allergy has disappeared and my blood pressure is normal. I never get tired and have tremendous energy. I was vacationing in Thailand for 2 months and I make sure that I have the Green Tea Elixir with me. Since taking it, I never come down with a cold or flu. I will take the Green Tea Elixir as long as I live and I am now 69 yrs old and feeling 30 years younger. Lots of stamina thanks to this God given elixir.”

—Henry R.

Green Tea Elixir
Try Green Tea Elixir Risk Free! Order Now!

GTE has given new life to thousands. Just imagine what it will do for you!

Lynne’s energy is UP ... her weight’s DOWN... and her allergies are long GONE!

No, it’s not easy running a daycare. With eight active little kids under the age of four to take care of, Lynne needs all the energy she can get. And for that she needs her daily GREEN TEA ELIXIR.

After Lynne had foot surgery and exercising hurt too much, she was really worried that the pounds would start to pile on. She’d read that green tea would rev up her metabolism, boost her energy, and burn calories faster. In fact, a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported exactly that. Other studies suggest green tea may suppress the appetite, or slow the cellular absorption of glucose —both of which are necessary to win the battle of the bulge.

The results have been all Lynne hoped for, and
more. “I’ve been taking it for over a year now,
and I haven’t gained any weight,” Lynne says.
“But better than that, I haven’t had a flare-
up of my personal allergies —and that
hasn’t happened in 20 years or more!”

Just a few drops of GREEN TEA ELIXIR
in her morning cup of hot chocolate gives
her all the get-up-and-go she needs to
keep up with the kids she babysits
—and then some!

just so good for you,
it makes you feel better
from head to toe!

Before you take any supplement, please consult your
physician or other licensed healthcare professional
to determine if it’s appropriate for you. These statements
have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug
Administration This product is not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Green Tea Elixir
Try Green Tea Elixir Risk Free! Order Now!

Each drop of our elixir not only has unfermented green tea leaf extract with an 80% PLUS polyphenol content but these potent nutrients as well:

Magic FruitMAGIC FRUIT has been used by the Chinese for over 1,000 years. It’s about 250 times sweeter than sugar but contains NO calories! The Chinese found it a natural way to keep lungs moist and to treat colds and sore throats. Magic fruit minimizes phlegm and helps eliminate constipation and gastro-intestinal distress.

HibiscusHIBISCUS has been used by the Chinese to fight high blood pressure and liver disorders. The naturally occurring antioxidants are believed to be responsible for lowering bad cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart disease. Hibiscus has a tart, berry-like flavor and contains many of the same powerful antioxidants as red wine.

Rose HipsROSE HIPS are renowned for their delicate flavor. They’re an excellent source of vitamin C and are used for mouth sores and headaches. Rose hips are also natural laxatives and diuretics. Moreover, rose hip oil is used to soothe burns and scars and is known to reduce dry skin, wrinkles and premature skin aging.


POMEGRANATE is well-known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties. It stimulates the body’s production of nitric oxide, which causes the blood vessels to relax and helps prevent hypertension and heart disease. There is even evidence that suggests it may help to inhibit cell damage.

Green Tea Elixir
Try Green Tea Elixir Risk Free! Order Now!

Thousands of dragging, sagging people have a new lease on life thanks to GTE. Now it’s your turn to enjoy...
Energy through the roof and a whole lot more!

Eighty-eight-year-old Francis Woodworth was so fatigued that he was missing out on all the things he loved. Now, thanks to GTE, he’s back to boating two nights a week and is looking forward to gardening and golf.

Lifetime farmer, Loren Dowdall, has seen his stamina greatly increased so he can work every day that he wants to—even at 77 years of age!

“I’m 58 and I feel like 40!” That’s what Erma E. of Columbus, Ohio says. She can walk 5 miles and still have energy left over, which prompted her 40-year-old daughter to ask, “Mom, you look so good. What’s going on?” GTE! That’s what’s going on! Erma says it’s something that “even doctors do not have.”

“... My co-workers seem to always be sick with something or other. I mix your green tea elixir with my orange juice every morning. Thanks to you, I never catch any of the germs I am surrounded by ...” That’s the kind of protection 67-year-old Patricia R. says that GREEN TEA ELIXIR™ gives her.

Ronald Bauman of Norwich, Connecticut is 75 years old but you wouldn’t know it. GTE helps him keep up with his pool and spa business despite his age. “I go to work 7 days a week, except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s day.”

GREEN TEA ELIXIR™ helped Milagrosa Williams of Pasadena, TX balance her blood sugar and lower her blood pressure.

Vusean stopped napping and took up surfing—at age 60—thanks to GTE.

Green Tea Elixir
Try Green Tea Elixir Risk Free! Order Now!

Our Lifetime Guarantee:
will improve your health 16 ways

  1. LOWER bad cholesterol
  2. BURN OFF unwanted fat
  3. IMPROVE your blood flow
  4. STAVE OFF heart disease
  5. PROTECT against strokes
  6. EASE painful joint discomfort
  7. FORTIFY against cell damage
  8. REGULATE blood pressure
  9. BOLSTER your immune system
  10. AID your digestion
  11. SOOTH stomach problems
  12. PROMOTE regularity
  13. BOOST your brain power
  14. RAISE your spirits
  15. GUARD your DNA
  16. BALANCE your blood sugar

If you are not satisfied with GREEN TEA ELIXIR™, simply return the unused portion AT ANY TIME and receive a 100% refund of the merchandise price, less any shipping costs — no questions asked. No health food store will ever give you a guarantee like that. So try GREEN TEA ELIXIR™ risk-free! Use the order form below, call toll-free.

If you want a jolt of energy every day... if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired... if you want to slim down and power up... if you want the vim and vigor of someone half your age, then... say YES!” to the # 1 REJUVENATION SECRET praised by thousands.

Try Green Tea Elixir Risk-Free!

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